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Training & Consultation Service

Once you purchase our product, if you need implementation help, users training, Managers Training for day to day operation our engineers are ready to help.

We can offer consultation or training service via telephone, LiveMeeting or at our facility.

For larger rollout, we are also available for onsite consultation and training if necessary.

To find out more about how we can help you, please contact our support team at 402-827-1956.


Menu Setup Service

After you have purchased NicePOS For Restaurants software, you will need to create the restaurant menu database before you go live.

Creating a restaurant menu database is easy but could be time consuming. If you don't have the time to spend on menu programming or not sure if you can design the menu efficiently, then let our experienced engineers help you.

Our Engineers can help you create a customized restaurant menu database tailored to your operations. Our menu Setup service is reasonably priced. To discuss your restaurant menu setup needs, please contact our support team at 402-827-1956.


Inventory Setup and Management Service

After you have purchased NicePOS for Retail software, you will need to load your inventory to Inventory Database before you go live. If you have never used barcode scanning technology you will need to scan all of your barcode, count the inventory and enter price and other detail information to database. Creating inventory database is easy but extremely time consuming. If you don’t have time to spend inventory setup and management then let our experience staffs help you.

Our Inventory Expert Staff can help you create inventory database at your site. Our Product Specialists setup your inventory database tailored to your operation. To discuss your retail inventory setup needs, please contact our support team at 402-827-1956.


Annual Support & System Upgrade Contract

NicePOS Systems offers 30 days of complimentary technical support and upgrade service for all new customers. Once this 30 days free service period expires, it is very costly to provide support so we encourage our customers to carry our Annual Support & Upgrade Contract. If you do not purchase Annual Support and Upgrade Contract, the support fee will be $55 per hour and upgrade will cost full price.

Our annual support plan offers world class technical support service 7 days per week. As a valid support contract holder, you will also be able to download latest software upgrades free of charge. Additionally, customers with valid support plan can also gain access to our secured web resources anytime.

Best of all, our annual support plan is 85 cents per day. To find out more about our support plan, please contact support team at 402-827-1956.


IT Support Services

Hardware installation

> Any hardware including RAM, DVD, HDD, VGA card, etc.

Software installation and setup

> Operating system
> Office package
> Antivirus
> Utilities
> Drivers
> Application software

Virus cleaning $40

> Malicious software removal
> Patches and critical updates

Data backup $35

> Backup on CD/DVD or on any other external devices
> Networking (Wireless and Wired)
> Router configuration and installation
> Print server configuration and installation
> Firewall configuration and installation
> Wireless access point configuration and installation
> Supports available for onsite and off-site at affordable price.


Website Development Service

NIS offers static and database driven website design and development service for small and medium level businesses for affordable prices.

We develop and setup a basic website that has up to five pages (Home, Menu, Location, Coupon and Referral) for fast food services, restaurants or any other businesses just for $350.00 plus 100$ annual fee for domain registration and hosting with no hidden cost absolutely.

For estimate, contact us today..

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