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Noble Idea Solution is in the business since June 2006. The NIS team has more than 20 years of experience in the information technology industry across a variety of industries, including mainframe systems, telecommunication, industrial distribution, industrial supply chain, health care financial systems, and distributed computing systems in the Microsoft Technology Platform. We work with small company partners to provide the best technology service solution that meets their particular business needs in order to reduce time and costs. Noble Idea Solution, LLC has experience and highly qualified software engineers as well as Pilot Business site testing partners in Omaha (NE), Baltimore (MD) and Manhattan (NY). We provide customized software solutions for latest POS hardwares with flexible plans. And also, make sure our solution meets your expectations.

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Since 2006, we have been conducting research, making investments, and developing solutions to meet the ever-evolving demands of businesses and IT. We address all of the logistics and online presence of the hospitality business with our comprehensive restaurant operation software NicePOS in Android OS running in the Cloud and smooth Web Ordering System from Hungry4food.com online portal as well as customized Storefront Online Order System.

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Our mission is to save our customers from paying 30 percent of commission fee to big online ordering companies. We focus on providing small restaurant partners the best technology to excel in the digital world.The NIS team creates and develops specialized systems to satisfy the constantly evolving IT and hospitality industry needs.

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To meet the changing demands of the digital world, we are a leading provider of a broad range of IT Business Solutions, Management Solutions, and Managed Services. We aspire to offer comprehensive digital marketing services, POS, and smooth online food ordering systems to the hospitality enterprises in an affordable range, with the most comprehensive portfolio in the sector, under a single hallmark.

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